Questions About Biology

Biology (Greek βιολογία; from the Greek βίος "life" + λόγος "teaching, science") is the science of living things and their interaction with the environment. It studies all aspects of life, in particular: structure, functioning, growth, origin, evolution and distribution of living organisms on Earth. It classifies and describes living things, the origin of their species, and their interaction with each other and the environment.

What foods improve brain function?
How long do sea snails live?
Where did people get the idea that the heart can "generate" emotions, feelings, etc?
Have you checked your body for nutrients before and after taking a course of vitamin complexes in pills?
What happens if you remove all of a person's rudimentary organs?
Is a woman's milk suitable to make cheese?
Is it true that polar bears and brown bears are biologically the same species?
Is there any chance of survival for a spider washed up in a sink?
How the Tikhodka manages to survive in space or extreme temperatures?
How do drugs that enter the body intramuscularly act exactly in the right place, or in the whole body? Describe the whole process as fully as possible.
Which hypothesis for the origin of life on Earth do you consider most likely and why?
Why is it that people with cancer experience so much pain? And they are forced to take strong narcotic painkillers.
Is it true that the aging process of the human body stops in space?
What is the difference between cancer and HeLa cells?
What are the reasons why people turn gray, other than from old age?
How true is the evolutionary teaching? Why did more advanced species disappear, being replaced by more primitive ones, while some are still alive today?
In what order do human organs die?
What are the conditions for a possible balance between different alleles?
Why insects have round eyes?
Do men who become women get their periods?

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