Questions About Management

Management or production management - the development and creation (organization), maximum effective use (management) and control of socio-economic systems.

Is there any way to make the Ministry of Culture stop financing blatantly bad movies?
A company that you don't want to mess with in business?
Do you men make allowances for women at work, precisely because they are women? Do you turn a blind eye to their shortcomings, inaccuracies, delays, conflicts?
What it's like to work in HR at Lebedev Studio?
Can I go to a store in the U.S. and buy something with a $100 bill from 1918?
How to wean an elderly woman off Herbalife, Zepter, Amway..? Arguments don't work, "but these are really unique products, and I believe this agent!"
I intend to go into business in the future. Which education makes more sense to get - economist or financier?
Is it true that in the U.S. and some European countries to get a decent job is required to have a Facebook account?
How to know your competitor's clients?
How to become a radio host without a journalism background?
What would happen if they considered sex to be money?
What job to go to have less intersection with people?
What to take with you to lunch at work, the optimal ratio of time and complexity of cooking?
Architectural education: Which is better, to study at night and work in parallel, or plow at full-time?
How to recognize a pyramid scheme?
Where can I get tags and price tags for my shirts?
People will now stop using offshore?
What to do if you want to go into a creative profession, but are unsure of the strength of your creative abilities?
Will they chase you away if you just go out into the streets of a major city, sit on a bench, play guitar and make money from it?
What Moscow universities advise a good direction advertising?

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