Questions About business & management

Is it necessary to have a passport of commercial organization accessibility?
What are the real difficulties in the profession of a stewardess?
What's better to take: a loan or a credit card? Which bank is better for it?
Where to Start to Study in Canada and Become a Tourist Guide without Paying a Lot of Money? What are some good programs?
How do they choose animals for advertising?
What are the analogues of Aliexpress? So that there's just as much stuff, cheap and free shipping.
We are in the business of making auto parts for cars. The quality is good. Looking for partners to cooperate. Where to start?
How to start your own business and where to find a sponsor? Very many directions and ideas.
What is the most important rule for a successful business?
I want to open my own car wash. What suppliers to look out for?
Why do people sell patches and crap in the subway? It's illegal and totally unprofitable?
What is the minimal capital needed to open a shawarma shop? What are the pitfalls in this business?
Do I have to plan my career?
Why do they recommend opening 4 different legal.companies to open 4 different businesses? And how to do it?
Why don't you buy Bitcoin now?
As outsourcers - remote workers - earn a few thousand dollars a month?
How do you feel about cryptocurrency?
Is it true that there is no "monetization" on Youtube anymore?
What percentage does the investor get?
What tricky questions an employer can ask and what you should ask him during a job interview?

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