Questions About Computers

What are the different external connectors of the system unit?
Is it possible to transfer an image from a laptop to a monitor, but without the programs I need to know this
Which keyboards can recognize the degree of keystroke?
I want to connect my home internet, but I'm terribly ashamed of my house, it's in bad shape. How does this connection procedure work?
How to install windows 7 if you have windows 10 installed on your computer?
How to remove all windows 8 updates.1 immediately?
How to connect a p6 power supply to a motherboard p4 port and is it possible to do it without an adapter?
Is there something like BIOS on macbooks?
What company's mice don't have problems with the scrolling wheel in the form of "skipping"?
My computer is registered under my nickname I need to register under another how to do it
How to make 2 different desktops in Windows for different accounts?
What are the apps for downloading videos, photos, documents from PC to iPhone?
How to remove "your copy is not genuine" in windows 7?
What to do with bugs that interfere with the game?
The screen freezes after a few minutes of play, amd r7 250 graphics card. How to fix?
Why coolers on new graphics card do not spin? New RTX 2070 super cools and even smokes a little.
How to change the data in the chart in Word?
How to format the laptop?
I want to install a processor that supports hyperthreading into a motherboard that does not support hyperthreading. What's going to happen?
Why in saurian v1.7.2544 I do not meet any dinosaurs?

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