Questions About direct line

After I graduate, I want to go to college for my master's degree. Is there a military department at the institute, so it would be possible to combine business with pleasure?
Can I come on Saturday to rewrite the application for the master's program? If so, until what time does the university work?.?
I am ranked in 301 to 313 (80 points, red diploma) for my undergraduate degree. Is there a guarantee if you submit the original to pass on a budget?
Is it possible to achieve political success with rigid principles and views, or will it be necessary to seriously bend and find a target audience?
How did Moses know that plants have information in their genes for reproduction? Genesis 1:11-12?
What is organic electronics?
Which party are you running for office in the municipal elections?
Arbat is the central district of Moscow. What are the problems there?
i want to know if and how i can send the missing documents to the university?
Hello , since childhood I am very thin I am 19, and I weigh somewhere in the region of 45 kg with height 170 . I've already had two or three deferrals . So what should I expect?
Are you a manager, do you use your potential to solve the problems of the district?
How to go to a British university if you can't afford to pay for a flight or a place to live?
You're so good, could you write about yourself better?
What projects you would like to implement as a municipal deputy in the Khamovniki district?
What problems can you solve as a municipal deputy? My driveway is a bald lawn. You can help make a parking lot out of it?
Why do you think you can be a municipal deputy?
Is it possible that a girl from the college will come to work for us?
Running for a municipal deputy, you aspire to big politics?
Should the U.S., after the defeat of the Nazis, have destroyed the USSR as a citadel of communism and held a "Nuremberg" over the Bolsheviks?
What are the ways out of the "schizoid compromise? If there are...?

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