Questions About Education

A system of personal education and training, as well as a set of acquired knowledge, abilities, skills, values, functions, activity experience and competencies. In a broad sense, education is the process or product of shaping the mind, character, and physical abilities of an individual.

Can you learn to program in a year enough to get a job?
How to recover school knowledge if you degraded over the summer?
What do the anus and the universe have in common?
In what works of Russian literature did the villains become good?
The essence of all currents of philosophy briefly and representatives of each of them?
Is there any scientific sense in the requirement to distinguish the object and the subject of the research? Or is this Soviet "scholasticism"?
What to do? I did not get into college because I did not know what to choose.Now I have a year to think about it and take the appropriate exams. But how to find that very direction?
What books in English can you recommend to considerably expand your vocabulary and improve your language skills?
Why was the Weasley family poor if Arthur Weasley was head of the whole department at the Ministry of Magic?
A question to which I already know the answer, but it would still be interesting to hear your opinion: "Which is more important now, the study of physics or psychology?"?
How to automate processes in the online school? Are there any solutions to integrate services with each other?
What English-language resources on Twitter are worth subscribing to?
What would happen if the entire population of Earth were ordered to learn one random language and speak it? What would be the difficulties and consequences of?
How to properly learn history so that you do not forget?
Should schools teach children janitorial and janitorial skills?
Can you recommend good educational cartoons in English to help a 7 year old child listen and improve his vocabulary?. Something not too tedious and primitive?
I intend to go into business in the future. Which education makes more sense to get - economist or financier?
What kind of literature and? Going on a trip, I want to do video blogging
Classes start at 8:00, but if I come in at 7:50 or later, they make me write an excuse. And because of this they can kick me out or make me mop the floor. What to do?
What is an "archetype" in plain language?

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