Questions About habit

Is it true that weed is so popular among American students that it can compete in popularity even with cigarettes among Russian schoolchildren?
What is the condition called when a person feels two opposing feelings at the same time, like loving and hating?
When I am very concentrated I don't notice how I start to bite my tongue and twist my face until someone notices me. How to get rid of this habit, if it is with me since childhood?
I absorb images of interlocutors in a few minutes and involuntarily use them in everyday communication with others, this is normal?
Why is it considered shameful for a guy to be a virgin and a masturbator?
The only way to cope with a job you don't like is to get so deep into it that you love it?
Am I in the Friendzone if I said right away that we can not be friends, and I can just break off communication?
When I type on the computer any text I do it practically without looking at the monitor (even now). Am I the only one like this or are there more?
What does the ability to fall asleep quickly depend on and is it possible to learn?
How to politely and beautifully send a man to fuck off?
How often we are right when we think a person likes us?
Why do drugs (mephedrone, acid) make you want to burp (a friend asks)?
Why this volume of perfume? Why is there no more?
What are superstitions, how they affect people? Why do I think my life depends on them, how to get rid of it?
Can girls get something from sitting on the toilet seat in public toilets?
I know a boy likes me and everything was good, but lately he treats me very coldly, why should this be so?
How to find a "zest" in yourself if you are an egoist and heredity?
Why do guys after leaving come back in half a year? Even if they date someone, they get back into their lives?
What do you call the feeling when you're embarrassed to look at a photo of someone you like?
What gives a person the skill to be a wrap-around?

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