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What foods improve brain function?
Why do people violate the laws and rules they themselves have created?Crossing a red light.. Or in the wrong place?Etc?
What useful properties does dogwood wine have?
Why do people get sick when they get too cold, does the virus "sleep" in the throat?
If it is possible to fully understand the workings of the brain, would it help to create an artificial copy, an AI?
Why, when a character (movie, drawn and even literary) does not breathe (suffocates, in space without oxygen), I myself stop breathing?
Is eating human meat addictive?
Why and Why a Man Hiccups?
Why do people smoke at all? Why do they care so much about their health?
What defense mechanisms fight poisons in the human body?
How to fall asleep if you've had an energy drink and coffee?
What phobias do you have?
What to do when thinking is stumped?
What is the most interesting and unusual dream you have ever had?
What are the benefits and harms of corn flour?
Tachycardia: nodular goiter, left ventricular hypertrophy, kidney cysts. EKG is bradycardic. What can I take with a high pulse?
Why do guys want to go to the bathroom after ejaculating?
Who has an interest in public health under the current institutional structure and ideology of health care?
Have you checked your body for nutrients before and after taking a course of vitamin complexes in pills?
Why isn't there a normal good cool variety of winter men's tall shoes? Been looking for something adequate for a year now, and there are only 2 AirForce options.3. Are there any other models?

Ask the questions that interest you, even if they seem silly, childish, strange, funny, embarrassing, uncomfortable, or abstruse.

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