Questions About History

History (Greek ἱστορία) is a science that explores the past, the real facts and patterns of change of historical events, the evolution of society and relations within it, conditioned by human activity over many generations. A new definition of history as the science of "past social reality" has emerged these days.

Arguments on the emergence of the state?
Picts: Celts or Pre-Indo-Europeans?
Why was Spain and Portugal always less developed than the other countries of Western Europe?
Where did people get the idea that the heart can "generate" emotions, feelings, etc?
In what year was Los Angeles founded?
What was the significance of the Battle of Stalingrad during World War II?
How do children in Germany feel when they learn and then study what Hitler did during World War II?
What were the many similarities between the Romans and the Greeks?
What books to read about the history of World War II and World War II?
What familiar dishes and drinks were invented during Soviet times because of food shortages?
Imagine that the Russian Empire had overseas colonies (eg in Oceania or the Caribbean). What would have happened to them after the revolution, WWII, and the collapse of the USSR?
Is it possible to invent a mechanism that will reveal our past? After all, all of our memories are in our brain?
How to properly learn history so that you do not forget?
Who and when proclaimed itself the party of peasants?
How to prove that in the struggle against the feudal nobility, the victory of royalty was inevitable?
How did Elon Musk become so successful?
How Jesus and Judah Worked? What made Judas angry?
Which hypothesis for the origin of life on Earth do you consider most likely and why?
The German concentration camps recruited people who were mentally ill? They couldn't have been able to commit such atrocities.
Who was stronger in the Cold War, the US or the USSR?

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