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Internet (Internet, IFA: [ˈɪn.tə.net]) is a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks for storing and transmitting information. Formerly referred to as the World Wide Web and Global Network, as well as just the Net. It is based on the TCP/IP protocol stack. The World Wide Web (WWW) and many other data transmission systems are based on the Internet. By early 2020, the number of users had reached 4.5 billion, which is more than 50% of the Earth's population. This was largely due to the widespread use of cellular networks with Internet access standards 3G, 4G and 5G, the development of social networks and the falling cost of Internet traffic.

If the internet site is currently unavailable, how can I get around the block? Answer for android smartphones.
Is there a Telegram Messenger for your computer?
How to reduce ping in the game? I tried all Internet ways. I tried all the ways to reduce the ping on the game I tried all the means of the Internet?
Why men on Tinder, even after swiping right together, don't text first?
There are people here who sit on the Dwatch (why you love Dwatch)?
I want to connect my home internet, but I'm terribly ashamed of my house, it's in bad shape. How does this connection procedure work?
What English-language resources on Twitter are worth subscribing to?
Is it true that in the U.S. and some European countries to get a decent job is required to have a Facebook account?
Why many people on Facebook post a link not in the post itself, but in the first comment?
What is QTY in the online store? Why when you change it the price does not change?
What are the most popular youtube requests for 2020?
Is there contactless payment on DEXP Ixion M340?
In the English-language segment of Instagram, they often write "lmfao" in the comments, what does this mean?
Is there such a technology with which you could save internet traffic in a box and carry it around with you?
Is it true that male sperm are created in the back?
Why is it customary for girls to greet someone (not quite everyone) with a sort of kiss on the cheek? How a man can avoid it so as not to offend a girl?
Is it possible to write a program that would replace video players on different websites with just one, like from youtube? And if not, why not?
Is there a decent alternative to 2GIS?
What's the difference between php 7.2 and php 7.4 in terms of site performance?
How to create a private photo gallery on the Internet?

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