Questions About Jealousy

How to get a guy to stop talking to a girl they're "just friends with? Would it help to give her money to stop communicating with him, because he only gets angry in response to my requests?
The feeling that there are peers better than you at everything doesn't give me peace. What to do to get rid of that feeling?
How to cope with envy?
My wife says she hasn't been with anyone after me. Is it possible to check through a gynecologist?
How to get rid of jealousy? Some .... Is getting on my boyfriend's nerves..?
How to stop being jealous of your boyfriend?
How to make friends if my husband reacts inadequately to my attempts to meet people? Women are promiscuous, guys-means I'm cheating with them, he thinks so.?
Do wives of the same husband have sex with each other in polygamous families: well, do they line up with their husbands instead of fondling each other at the same time, so that there is love in the 1st bottle?
I was texting with a guy I used to like. Everything was going well, but when I wrote that his friend was cool, he got cold. Jealous?
I made it all up? I'm no worse than anyone else?
How to make a man jealous?
How to communicate with a guy who has a girlfriend?
I make some people happy and then they push me away or get jealous of me. Why?
Can a lover be jealous of his husband?
Jealousy is the fear of being abandoned and left alone? So you'll be replaced by someone else?
How to relate to my boyfriend's story: when he was 15, he was seduced by a 25-year-old woman?
Jealous of my girlfriend, what to do?
She's my 1st and I'm her 4th. She has also made out with 13 different guys at different times before me and I can't accept it. What to do?
Hello I am overtaken by jealousy do not know how to deal with it constantly scandals, etc. help please?
Good evening help me, my wife is suspicious, I want to read her correspondence, and she deletes them help me?

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