Questions About law

Is it possible for a minor child (15 years) to stay in a hostel?
What is murder?! Is it all the same in case of unintentional killing of a man, not knowing that he harms the world around him, and intentional, being aware of?
What to do if there is no IIN in the court order?
Why is it a crime to kill true criminals without trial?
How do organizations like "PrizyvaNet" work, which help you legally get a military ID?
How to give the goods if you tore off all the tags, and 14 days have not passed?
Can they take your photograph without your permission or consent? If not, what rights does the photographer have?
I and my half were insulted and I broke the offender's jaw. Who's right and who's wrong? (Legal)
Is it worth studying to be a psychologist or to study to be a legal psychologist (police work with children?
If I show a person a video screener and he goes into cardiac arrest while watching it - will I be prosecuted for murder?
Does the President have the right to hand out citizenship to famous people so easily, bypassing formal procedures: paperwork, visits to the FMS, payment of state fees?
What is the difference between the first two weeks of the warranty period when a defect is detected in (for example, telephone) and how to get a refund?
What to do if there are two very fat people sitting in a row of three seats on a shuttle bus, and they physically do not allow you to sit in your seat?
What is the name of the state in which the highest goal is to guarantee human rights?
Is it possible not to go to a preventive conversation with the police after participating in a protest?
Where can I work after graduating with a master's degree in "theory of forensic science"?
Can I eat raw meat from the store if it passes health inspection?
Is there a perfect law? Preferably with an argument.
Why am I searched almost once a week under the pretext of a strange appearance narcos (tall, beard)?
Have you noticed how much pedophilia and teenage sex is being propagandized? Why doesn't anyone see this and try to stop it?

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