Questions About Love

Love is an intrinsic feeling, a deep affection and longing for another person or object, a feeling of deep affection. Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most exalted virtue to the simplest pleasure. An example of this wide range of meanings is the fact that a mother's love is different from a spouse's love, which, in turn, is different from love for food or love for the motherland.

Where does the desire to "bite" a loved one and the "deliciousness" of small children come from?
How to make the one I love miss me and think about me?
Why do parents, knowing better than anyone that you're a loser, keep terrorizing you with the question, "Why aren't you dating?"?
What to do if you have a wife and child, but you feel out of place and want to go where you really feel good, but the conscience does not allow?
Why I feel more comfortable alone than in a relationship? It's not solved even by a perfect partner with whom there aren't any big problems?
What arguments can you provide to prove the lack of love?
Strong Feelings for a friend, don't say, afraid of losing him.Friends think he has a thing for me.He's leaving for college soon, in two years I.what to do?
How do you feel about dancing in sex? Is dancing important for good sex?
What to do if you love a guy and he doesn't love you?
Is it normal to live and not fall in love? And are there people who can love but can't fall in love?
What competitions to hold at the wedding of a Russian and an Irishman? Not to shock foreign guests, but also not to be boring.
How to ruin a relationship? What are the reasons for relationships to fall apart?
Is it worth it to start a relationship with a man with whom you have nothing in common (art, views on life, values), but you are strongly attracted to each other?
How to know if your wife needs you or not?
Is it worth looking for your ideal girl (brunette, glasses, good breasts, not thin and very shy), or is it worth being content with what's around, because the search is futile?
Why do a lot of guys go out with girls younger than themselves? Especially when the girl is young (13-15) and the guy is old (17-20)
Is there love at first sight?Do you think to wait until love itself will come there, will meet on the street or already start to look?
What is my problem? (I have a hard time finding a relationship and someone to like me, although I don't see myself as something that would scare people)?
What to do if a man confesses his love and doesn't like him at all?
How do I get a girl I like interested in me if I'm too shy for an open dialogue?

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