Questions About Medicine

Symptoms, the course of diseases, treatment methods, the effects of drugs and their effectiveness, the mechanism of the human body - ask your medical questions to Askrus's experts.

When is the screening in the 1st trimester?
The normal temperature of a 2 year old?
When is hospitalization appropriate for borderline personality disorder?
Why do people get sick when they get too cold, does the virus "sleep" in the throat?
Sex on the first day of your period. Can I get pregnant?
What defense mechanisms fight poisons in the human body?
Why do people smoke at all? Why do they care so much about their health?
In Sivtsev's table, which line should you see at minus 2.0?
Who has an interest in public health under the current institutional structure and ideology of health care?
When a kidney stone can be removed medically so as not to resort to surgery at all?
Have you checked your body for nutrients before and after taking a course of vitamin complexes in pills?
Can I take Validol after drinking alcohol if my heart is pounding?
How to treat maxillary sinusitis in adults at home?
How to explain to a child to wear glasses?
Can you catch something if you have anal sex without a condom?
It's time for a lens replacement. Who to get a referral for tests: an ophthalmologist or a general practitioner?
Why people with mental illness should not become donors? Do they accept blood components from people with a personality disorder?
Is bronchitis contagious for children?
What baby pee helps?
How a food lump enters the stomach?

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