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Film (Movie), also known as cinema, motion picture, television film, motion picture is a separate work of cinematic art. Technologically, a film is a set of moving images (montage frames) connected by a single storyline. Each montage consists of a sequence of photographic or digital still images (frames) in which individual phases of motion are recorded. Film, as a rule, has a soundtrack.

How the movie "The Phenomenon" ended?
Are there director's versions of Scream 1-4?
What film have you liked or been impressed by recently (in the cinema)?
Why was the Weasley family poor if Arthur Weasley was head of the whole department at the Ministry of Magic?
What's so great about Ali Abbasi's film "The Border"? Why it is necessary to watch?
Which is right to watch first: the 2019 movie "The Way: All the Way" or the TV series "Better Call Saul"?
Are there any other good sitcoms besides the well-known? (clique, tbh, kyavvm, friends, scum)
The new "Avengers finale" trailer came out and was quite interested in the effect of not sure what it's called, but standing out red in gray. What's the effect?
Why is Slipknot the best character in Suicide Squad?
What would you advise to watch a movie like "10 Reasons I Hate You"?
♪ How an ordinary June Moon girl turned into a witch, the Enchantress ♪?
Help me find this movie.Two men, one prepares the other for assassination.Trains his memory, opens the fridge for 3 seconds, remembers everything?
What movie has influenced your life the most?
In the film, the girl memorized by muscle memory the numbers on the lid of the box. And at the end of the film she reproduces them on the dusty glass...
Why feminism has invaded the game and movie industries? How to stop it?
Why didn't the artificial intelligence in the Terminator movies use chemical weapons?
Where can I find "Twin Peaks" with subtitles?
Heath Ledger's iconic role in "The Dark Knight" is overrated due to coincidence, or did he really play so awesome?
Prototype movie 2013 watch online full movie in high quality?
How movies are made where the whole town is empty? (even filming from a drone)?

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