Questions About music

What is the name of the chord in which the "C" is followed by "D-flat" and then the "E" pure?
What bands are similar to Naughty Molly?
What to read about minimalist composers (Reich, Glass, Riley)?
What to be: a lawyer or a rock star?
What is a canonical imitation, toccata, prelude and fugue?
What is the significance of David Bowie for pop culture?
Is it possible to perform pop songs with an academic formulation of the voice?
Who is Malaa?
What is the origin of the art trend "Vaporwave"?
Women's beautiful manicure and acoustic guitar playing. How they live together?
What is the meaning of the sonata form? Why does it usually consist of three parts?
Will they chase you away if you just go out into the streets of a major city, sit on a bench, play guitar and make money from it?
How to record backing vocals?(For example in today's pop industry(like Sia, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande). Synthesize with a vocoder or just record different. tracks?
Making electronic music.What do you advise for someone with zero experience (courses, books, videos)?
What is disparagingly called primitive tunes consisting of the same simple motifs repeated at different pitches?
Why are speakers very expensive and moderately priced, if the speaker is a very primitive device?
Where to study to become a sound engineer?
Do SEREBRO songs and videos make sense?
Would I disturb the cat's sleep by listening to music loudly?
Do seniors listen to rap music?

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