Questions About Philosophy

Philosophy (Greek φιλοσοφία literally "wisdom; love of wisdom") is a special form of knowledge of the world, developing a system of knowledge about the most general characteristics, the ultimate generalizing concepts and fundamental principles of reality (being) and cognition, human existence, the relationship of man and the world. The tasks of philosophy throughout the centuries have included both the study of the universal laws of the development of the world and society, and the study of the process of cognition and thinking itself, as well as the study of moral categories and values. Ultimate philosophical questions include, for example, "Is the world cognizable?", "Does God exist?", "What is truth?", "What is good?", "What is Man?", "What is primary - matter or consciousness?", and others.

How would you accept your imminent death? If you find out that you are seriously ill and you have only a few days left to live? (even though death won't be pleasant)?
How did traditional church theology relate to theosophy I. Beme? What documents banned, how indignant?
Why does a man need a lot of money?
Why do they say "people don't change" when in fact they do? Is this an imposed stereotype?
Why is it a crime to kill true criminals without trial?
What phobias do you have?
The essence of all currents of philosophy briefly and representatives of each of them?
Please explain, clearly and with examples, what is the essence of M. McLuhan's concept of "The medium is the message"?
Why is not there at all, but the opposite - the Void?
Is there any scientific sense in the requirement to distinguish the object and the subject of the research? Or is this Soviet "scholasticism"?
What are the disadvantages of the philosophy of rational selfishness?
What is murder?! Is it all the same in case of unintentional killing of a man, not knowing that he harms the world around him, and intentional, being aware of?
A question to which I already know the answer, but it would still be interesting to hear your opinion: "Which is more important now, the study of physics or psychology?"?
What does it mean for you to "grow up"?
What arguments can you provide to prove the lack of love?
Can a believer beat an atheist in an argument?
Solipsism: arguments for and against?
Loneliness is freedom or slavery?
Cheekiness is a second happiness, but what is the first?
What it's like to feel hate?

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