Questions About Politics

Politics (Greek πολιτική "state activity", from πόλις "city, state") - one of the spheres of human activity in which states represented by public authorities and their officials, as well as public institutions realize their goals and interests. The scientific study of politics is conducted within the framework of political science.

How do you talk to the older generation about homeopathy, health, politics, etc., if they believe in myths and don't hear constructive arguments?
Is there any way to make the Ministry of Culture stop financing blatantly bad movies?
Why was Spain and Portugal always less developed than the other countries of Western Europe?
What is the difference in the attitude of the "right" and the "left" towards man?
Is it true that the population is deliberately turned into idiots by alcohol?. To make more money off the ignorance of citizens?
Why is the dollar falling?
What incentives does a country whose income depends on the sale of resources have to implement reforms when the price of resources is high?
What books to read about the history of World War II and World War II?
Why We Need Less Democracy?
If man is the most intelligent animal on the planet, then why do the politicians of the world invest in something that could kill a million people?
Which is more popular: regular soccer in Europe or American football in the USA?
He gives many examples in his book of the incompetence of people who hold fairly high positions, such as in the Ministry of Education.
How and when did you figure out what you wanted to do with your life?
Who was stronger in the Cold War, the US or the USSR?
Judaism describes the coming of the Messiah? What does the second coming of Christ have in common?
Why in Makhachkala they drew Poroshenko on garbage cans?
Is it possible to get into international relations without knowing history?
How to form your own clear political worldview?
Is it worth looking for your ideal girl (brunette, glasses, good breasts, not thin and very shy), or is it worth being content with what's around, because the search is futile?
How to become a Buddhist?

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