Questions About pregnancy

When is the screening in the 1st trimester?
Sex on the first day of your period. Can I get pregnant?
My husband and I want a baby but it is not working, what should I do, I checked at the gynecologist and my husband has children from my first marriage. Incompatibility?
Can I become pregnant with chronic inactive cervitis? Does it cause adhesions?
How to collect urine correctly during pregnancy?
Is it possible at the beginning of pregnancy a discharge and worms eat the fetus?
Is there any chance of pregnancy?
I haven't had my period in a month. No nausea, same breasts, no discharge, a little stomach swelling and pain. What can it be?
I was 13 days late, then got my period on the 14th day, checked 5 tests - all positive, what does this mean?
I had protected sex 2-3 days before my period and 5 days later again, condom on the wrong side. I'm a week late. Pregnant?
Does a Buddhist have the right to have children? including.including stepchildren?
Planning a pregnancy. I was 5 days late and the next day I had these days. Can I get pregnant?
How to prepare for parenthood?
How do I know I'm definitely not pregnant?
Can pregnant women eat oranges?
I'm 16 years old. 17.03 I had sex. After a week my lower abdomen began to hurt and there was a brown discharge, now it is white and my abdomen hurts. What is it?
What are some fashionable images for pregnant women?
I was fired when I was 5 months pregnant, I have two minor children, can I count on financial support?
I officially worked 12 months and got pregnant. July was my 5th month and they sent me on FS until maternity. How will this affect maternity pay?
Can pregnant women (with a visible pregnancy) retract the abdomen (at least partially)?

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