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How do you talk to the older generation about homeopathy, health, politics, etc., if they believe in myths and don't hear constructive arguments?
What quote from a movie, TV series or book can you describe your life credo?
Is it true that the most difficult or impossible thing in a man's life is to get acquainted with girls, because all the girls turn everyone away?
How do you know what you really want?
What is the meaning of family life?
What is the character trait with which a person condemns another for an act that he himself commits?
Why do parents, knowing better than anyone that you're a loser, keep terrorizing you with the question, "Why aren't you dating?"?
A psychology professor at one of his lectures said that nontraditional orientation is the result of some traumatic events in childhood. This is ignorance or self-deception (follow-up question in the comments)?
Dumped her friend, dumped the man, there is absolutely no one with whom you can spend time and just talk. How to move on, if you're 21 years old, you do not live, and exist?
How would you accept your imminent death? If you find out that you are seriously ill and you have only a few days left to live? (even though death won't be pleasant)?
When is hospitalization appropriate for borderline personality disorder?
I feel in love only with girls, but I get sexual satisfaction and pleasure with guys in a passive role. I'm a guy. Why so? Who am I?
What if a loved one ignores you and your problems, but asks for help with theirs? Is it worth it to keep communicating?
Why do you hate being so well off? People who already have everything to live, feed themselves and their families, drive a car and earn money, while you're just a student?
Why am I sad to celebrate my 18th birthday? I don't even want to say goodbye to my 17th birthday..... Very sad...
Why is it a crime to kill true criminals without trial?
How to learn to communicate? What do you need to do to change your attitude to some people you do not like?
Why do people violate the laws and rules they themselves have created?Crossing a red light.. Or in the wrong place?Etc?
Where did people get the idea that the heart can "generate" emotions, feelings, etc?
Why are some people ashamed of their parents? And what parents should do when they notice it?

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