Questions About Relationships

A section of questions about "The Psychology of Male-Female Relationships" is about the most significant and exciting topic for most people. Relationships give a chance for emotional fulfillment, intimacy, and understanding on the deepest level. Nothing gives most people's lives as much meaning as a relationship. Love and relationships are the easiest path to happiness... But so is unhappiness if you don't know the secrets of this delicate art. Here I reveal them. You can read the texts in any order.

How do you talk to the older generation about homeopathy, health, politics, etc., if they believe in myths and don't hear constructive arguments?
Why can't I be part of a group of friends of some sort? I'm only used to friendship alone with a person.?
How to get a guy to stop talking to a girl they're "just friends with? Would it help to give her money to stop communicating with him, because he only gets angry in response to my requests?
Why do parents, knowing better than anyone that you're a loser, keep terrorizing you with the question, "Why aren't you dating?"?
Why is cheating, even if it is just a one-night stand, so frowned upon in society?
How to learn to communicate? What do you need to do to change your attitude to some people you do not like?
What birds talk to each other about?
Why men on Tinder, even after swiping right together, don't text first?
Why are some people ashamed of their parents? And what parents should do when they notice it?
Where does the desire to "bite" a loved one and the "deliciousness" of small children come from?
How to achieve mutuality if those who I like do not like me, and vice versa, if those who like me do not like me?
Do you men make allowances for women at work, precisely because they are women? Do you turn a blind eye to their shortcomings, inaccuracies, delays, conflicts?
Why do they say "people don't change" when in fact they do? Is this an imposed stereotype?
What is the difference between friendship and friendship?
How to stop thinking about the girl you won't work out with?
How to make the one I love miss me and think about me?
Why I feel more comfortable alone than in a relationship? It's not solved even by a perfect partner with whom there aren't any big problems?
Smart and beautiful girl to find a hard to find, I wonder what you would sacrifice for a relationship with a girl of her mind or beauty?
How to cope with the death of a loved one?
How to ask your husband for money?

Ask the questions that interest you, even if they seem silly, childish, strange, funny, embarrassing, uncomfortable, or abstruse.

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