Questions About Religion

Religion (Latin religio, "sanctity", "piety"; Latin religare, "to bind, to connect") is a certain system of beliefs conditioned by belief in the supernatural, including a set of moral standards and types of behavior, rites, religious activities, and the association of people in organizations (church, umma, sangha, religious community...).

Can a boy only have a godmother?
What will the future bring?
How an atheist parent should tell his or her child about God?
Are God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ equal to each other? Is Jesus Christ God?
Why masturbation is so condemned by religion and equated with grave sins?
Can a believer beat an atheist in an argument?
Which direction in Christianity is the most faithful and orthodox to the original faithful Christianity?
How Jesus and Judah Worked? What made Judas angry?
What are the odds of a pretty girl seducing a Buddhist or a Muslim without putting anything in their glass?
Adam and Eve could have been human apes from which further human evolution evolved?
Provide real evidence for the existence of God?
Why were there no religious wars in the days of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome?
When to pray to the icon of Demetrius of Thessaloniki?
Judaism describes the coming of the Messiah? What does the second coming of Christ have in common?
Which Protestant Church is Best to Go To?
How to become a Buddhist?
1. A religious school for Muslims was called? (Test on ODKNR 5kl)
Explain for people who are not familiar with Indian philosophy what is "dharma"?
If Lucifer is the Son of God, he is Jesus' brother?
Why Do Most Muslims Wear Beards?

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