Questions About renovation

What are the options for decorating the joint between the walls and the ceiling?
The ceiling is trimmed with shingles. How, without removing the old ceiling, to make a new one?
First you have to do the finishing on the ceiling or walls?
What kind of paint would you advise to use for staining wooden interior doors?
What type of foundation is used to get a basement?
You can apply primer to a painted wall?
How to properly apply protective oil on a wooden surface?
What is better for a two-story cottage of foam blocks: precast or monolithic strip foundation?
Will brickwork with air interlayers be warmer than without them?
When a design project must have a floor plan?
Can we glue wallpaper on plywood?
What to look for when accepting the installation of light fixtures in a suspended ceiling?
In the room there is a joint of the floor, please advise, this nuance must be somehow taken into account when installing water heated floor?
How long will the frame walls of bars 50x100 mm, mineral wool and sheathing boards?
Is it possible to apply a primer of deep penetration before the liquid wallpaper?
Ordered a 4.6m x 1.6m map of the city. The main task was to mount it on the wall so that it would be possible to attach magnets to it. Thinking about how to implement it?
What are the dimensions of a sheet of drywall?
Better paint or wallpaper the ceiling?
We periodically have power outages for 4...5 hours, would such conditions be dangerous for the autonomous heating system?
How to make the most efficient use of the space under the ceiling?

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