Questions About Science

Science - the field of human activity aimed at the development and systematization of objective knowledge about reality. This activity is carried out by collecting facts, their regular updating, systematization and critical analysis. On this basis, the synthesis of new knowledge or generalizations, which describe the observed natural or social phenomena and indicate the cause-effect relations, which allows to make predictions.

What foods improve brain function?
which science is translated from Greek as "nature"?
Where did people get the idea that the heart can "generate" emotions, feelings, etc?
What phobias do you have?
What force opposes Entropy? If it were not for this force, there would be only chaos?
What would happen if a match were lit on the planet Titan?! How would the liquid methane that covers this planet react?
Picts: Celts or Pre-Indo-Europeans?
How did traditional church theology relate to theosophy I. Beme? What documents banned, how indignant?
Why do they say "people don't change" when in fact they do? Is this an imposed stereotype?
Why is not there at all, but the opposite - the Void?
Is there any scientific sense in the requirement to distinguish the object and the subject of the research? Or is this Soviet "scholasticism"?
What birds talk to each other about?
How to recover school knowledge if you degraded over the summer?
Solipsism: arguments for and against?
How do children in Germany feel when they learn and then study what Hitler did during World War II?
The zero-galvanometer shows 0, what does it mean?
Have you checked your body for nutrients before and after taking a course of vitamin complexes in pills?
What prevents, besides ethics and morality, to take a mouse brain and turn it into a supercomputer (maybe even an intelligent one), because the brain is more powerful than all supercomputers at once?
What do the anus and the universe have in common?
What would happen if the entire population of Earth were ordered to learn one random language and speak it? What would be the difficulties and consequences of?

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