Questions About Sex

Sexual or sexual behavior (from Latin sexus "sex") is a set of mental reactions, attitudes and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of human sexual desire. Sexual behavior is a form of interaction between individuals and represents the practical realization of human sexuality, being one of the options of social behavior. A person's actual sexual behavior does not always coincide with his or her sexual orientation.

Is it possible, in light of recent events, to interpret the mythology of the film "The Matrix" in light of the repressed homoerotic experiences of its creators?
Why do guys want to go to the bathroom after ejaculating?
Can you catch something if you have anal sex without a condom?
Smart and beautiful girl to find a hard to find, I wonder what you would sacrifice for a relationship with a girl of her mind or beauty?
Are there any caucasians cuckolds?
I feel in love only with girls, but I get sexual satisfaction and pleasure with guys in a passive role. I'm a guy. Why so? Who am I?
Why is it that some guys are intimidated by an unambiguous offer of sex from a girl who is cute to them?
What are the odds of a pretty girl seducing a Buddhist or a Muslim without putting anything in their glass?
Why is cheating, even if it is just a one-night stand, so frowned upon in society?
Strong Feelings for a friend, don't say, afraid of losing him.Friends think he has a thing for me.He's leaving for college soon, in two years I.what to do?
The girl wants me to say something dirty in her ear during sex, what she wants me to say and what to say?
Is it true that women's ability to control men through sex and, more generally, its importance in a man's life has been greatly exaggerated in popular culture?
If I put my hand on your wife's knee, how would you react?
What happens if you masturbate a lot?
What is it like to be on a nudist beach or at a resort for the first time?
Do men have an erection on girls who are unsympathetic to them?
Why were condoms given to all participants in the Olympics?
Why does masturbation clear the nose, if it is stuffy due to a simple or allergic runny nose, albeit not for long?
What would happen if they considered sex to be money?
How to properly apologize to the person you love?

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