Questions About sexual orientation

If I'm attracted to guys but not to girls I'm gay?
A psychology professor at one of his lectures said that nontraditional orientation is the result of some traumatic events in childhood. This is ignorance or self-deception (follow-up question in the comments)?
Answer from: Nikolay Puzyrin: Seriously interested in computers and everything connected with them.
Should you be ashamed of being bisexual at age 12?
If you are not gay at 16 you have nothing to worry about?
Why do I (girl) want to hug and kiss girls but not have sex with them?
What to call a girl if she likes both guys and girls, but likes girls more?
Lately I've been having doubts about my best friend. He's starting to seem gay to me. I feel uncomfortable around him. How do I make it clear to myself if he's gay? How to get it out of my head?
What is the difference between sexual preference and sexual orientation?
What is Benedict Cumberbatch's orientation?
I stopped being interested in boys and started being interested and turned on by girls, not just my age but the female gender in general. I'm a lesbian?
Question for people with LGBT bi-orientation , have you already told your family or friends about your orientation and what was their reaction to it?
Stalin is Gay or Transgender?
Should a gay man date a guy with a heterosexual past (have kids) but now claims to be 100% gay?
What's my orientation
How to hide one's non-traditional orientation these days? What to answer to the direct question "Are you gay lesbian?"?
Does it affect a child's orientation if the boy is brought up by his mother?
How can one experience physical attraction to one's gender while having the same body? Does this attraction extend to oneself?
Why do I dream at night that I'm supposed to walk in tights. I wonder what it means?
Is there any way to pinpoint a man's orientation without asking directly? Can a man dress and look gay but be straight?

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