Questions About Society

Society, or society - a human community, the specifics of which are represented by the relations of people with each other, their forms of interaction and association. Human societies are characterized by a model of relations (social relations) between people, which can be described as a set of such relations between its subjects.

What quote from a movie, TV series or book can you describe your life credo?
Why do people violate the laws and rules they themselves have created?Crossing a red light.. Or in the wrong place?Etc?
How do you know what you really want?
How an atheist parent should tell his or her child about God?
How to learn to communicate? What do you need to do to change your attitude to some people you do not like?
Is there a foreign or Russian. A resource where there is up-to-date information about the volume of funds exported to offshore and the most comprehensive information about offshore centers?
What is the difference in the attitude of the "right" and the "left" towards man?
If it is possible to fully understand the workings of the brain, would it help to create an artificial copy, an AI?
Do you men make allowances for women at work, precisely because they are women? Do you turn a blind eye to their shortcomings, inaccuracies, delays, conflicts?
Dumped her friend, dumped the man, there is absolutely no one with whom you can spend time and just talk. How to move on, if you're 21 years old, you do not live, and exist?
How do organizations like "PrizyvaNet" work, which help you legally get a military ID?
Why do most people make mistakes?
Why do they say "people don't change" when in fact they do? Is this an imposed stereotype?
Why did the Americans open a second front only in 1944?
How to stop focusing on a person's negative qualities in order to avoid conflict and breaking up a buddy relationship with them?
How to recover school knowledge if you degraded over the summer?
What would happen if the entire population of Earth were ordered to learn one random language and speak it? What would be the difficulties and consequences of?
What to do if a guy called you a pimply girl, called you names, and called you a fool?
What meaning do social scientists give to the concept of education?
What familiar dishes and drinks were invented during Soviet times because of food shortages?

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