Questions About space

What would happen if a match were lit on the planet Titan?! How would the liquid methane that covers this planet react?
What is the minimum lens diameter that a telescope must have in order to observe the Moon?
How much does the Earth weigh and how is it weighed?
If the Earth is protected from solar radiation by the Earth's atmosphere, how is it possible to colonize Mars? Are the protective suits?
How much ATP would it take to reach the speed of light?
Tell me if there is an opposite number of zero?
Is it true that the aging process of the human body stops in space?
"Weightlessness" on the ISS due to constant free fall. Will there be "weightlessness" if the ISS rotates in geostationary orbit?
Why are the planets round?
What is the purpose of flights into space? What do cosmonauts do on the ISS except take selfies and somersaults in zero gravity?
Hello! Can it be that the interatomic and intercellular matter is the same as it is between the celestial bodies, that is, dark matter?
Is there a scenario where the solar system belongs to another inter-system state that is unknown to humanity?
What are the sizes of the planets?
Do you think that the Earth is flat or round?
Why cosmonautics is gaining momentum and becoming popular again lately?
What is Gravastar and how is this model worse than the Black Hole?
Is there an end to the universe?
The Star Wars universe includes many books describing the events of several millennia. What power made Lucas make a movie about an era where all the Jedi were extinct?
Who and how learned that the universe is expanding? And how do you know that everything happened because of the explosion?
What happens to a man at the beginning and during a flight into space?

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