Questions About Technology

Technology (from the Greek τέχνη "art, skill, ability" + λόγος "word; thought, meaning, concept") - a set of methods and tools to achieve the desired result; in the broad sense - the application of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems. Technology includes ways of work, its mode, the sequence of actions.

Can you learn to program in a year enough to get a job?
Is there a Telegram Messenger for your computer?
How is it possible to use ICloud storage solely as cloud storage without tethering to Mac and iPhone, like Yandex.Disk?
Why do people violate the laws and rules they themselves have created?Crossing a red light.. Or in the wrong place?Etc?
What would happen if a match were lit on the planet Titan?! How would the liquid methane that covers this planet react?
If it is possible to fully understand the workings of the brain, would it help to create an artificial copy, an AI?
I bought a mi bend 3 bracelet, went to the service center, they changed it, gave me a friend. Again, the same situation, writes: "reset the device"?
If a huge wild forest were cut in half by a multi-lane highway, it would no longer scientifically constitute a single ecosystem?
What is QTY in the online store? Why when you change it the price does not change?
Is it possible to invent a mechanism that will reveal our past? After all, all of our memories are in our brain?
How do pilots feel about passengers clapping after landing?
What is more hygienic: liquid or regular soap?
How much ATP would it take to reach the speed of light?
What are the real difficulties in the profession of a stewardess?
How do drugs that enter the body intramuscularly act exactly in the right place, or in the whole body? Describe the whole process as fully as possible.
Which MacBook Pro (2018) to choose: 13 or 15?
Is it true that the aging process of the human body stops in space?
Why there is such a huge difference in Formula 1 racing between the levels of teams and the strength of the cars?
Is there something like BIOS on macbooks?
Where to find friends for teenagers (expanded)?

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