Questions About tourism

How to get to Pangan from Bangkok?
Is it possible for a minor child (15 years) to stay in a hostel?
What is Zrcadlove bludiste and why does this place attract tourists?
Why do people ignore the "No Photography" sign in museums?
Where better to fly on a romantic trip on a budget, but exotic, but where the routine..?!)
What is the spa fee?
What do you need to know to go on a solo hike?
How do people go on vacation for 1-6 months when they work in jobs that normally give them 28 days of vacation in a year? They quit every time before they take a vacation?
How to walk from the Genoese fortress to the central beach?
Why do airlines sell tickets to Southeast Asia in May, if Russia is locked in for another year?
Where to sleep in the Moscow region?
Tell me about situations that happened to you on the train?
How to travel in the mountains?
The plane flies over a country whose visa I don't have, I parachute out and successfully land. What kind of problems with the law will I have?
Would you like to live in North Korea, and if so, for how long? A week, a month, six months, a year? What would you do there?
Which is better: Sardinia or Mallorca?
Can I go to Abkhazia for a few days if I am 45 years old, but have not yet changed my passport?
What was the most amazing scenery you have ever seen?
What to look for when choosing a hostel?
Which is better: read about the history of an attraction you want to visit first, or the other way around, see first?

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