Based on the lifestyle of modern humans, is it possible today to assume any physiological changes in the body in the further course of evolution?

Answer from: Maria Ibragimova:
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No. Because nature works very slowly (hundreds to thousands of generations), and the modern way of life will disappear in less than half a century. Try to remember how people lived in 1969 and compare it to the current situation.
Genetic modifications, on the other hand, are quite possible, albeit poorly predictable.

Answer from: Svetlana M.:
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Yes, but they are so point and affect some minor physiological processes that it makes sense to talk about them only in a scientific environment. And it would be good to wait at least another couple of hundred years. Even allowing for the fact that geneticists and ecologists are now reconsidering their attitude to the rate of evolution, it is worth recognizing that nothing can significantly change in a couple of decades, in terms of this being fixed at the genetic level and passed on to the next generations.

Answer from: Svetlana Karmanova:
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No. changes occur and persist in the next generations only if they (changes) give an advantage in survival and reproduction in comparison with individuals who do not have such changes. Modern homo sapiens do not need to adapt to the environment, because.к. learned to adapt the environment to its needs. And modern society allows almost all of its members to survive and procreate.

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