Can a person be infantile and intelligent at the same time?

Answer from: Alexey:
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1) Infantilism makes up a number of factors a collection of which is called infantilism. Even if the set of factors in a person is the same as those needed for infantilism, then one can consider the person infantile (but not completely). That is, in situations where one needs those factors of infantilism that this person lacks, then he/she can be intelligent in this case (Perhaps!)
2) It is also possible to be infantile in relation to a more developed person. Accordingly, a person cannot be infantile in relation to people who are more infantile than he is. (Maybe!)
3) Exceptional cases in which even a totally infantile person happens to suggest a much clever idea or something like that. It is in this case, a person is considered intelligent) Even if everyone knows or consider it infantile (Perhaps!)
The answer is, Perhaps! (But under certain conditions)

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