Can I buy alcohol in Duty Free at point A if I then have a connection at point B of the same airline, or do I have to go through the controls all over again?

Answer from: Anna D.:
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Easy and easy, you just get alcohol in a special bag that cannot be opened without damaging it, it is poured. You probably won't have to go through a second inspection because you'll be in a "clean area".

Answer from: Nastya Glebova:

It is not so simple and depends on a number of factors and conditions. 
For example, if you are flying Lufthansa from Paris via Frankfurt am Main to Moscow and you bought alcohol in Paris, it will be let on board in Frankfurt airport without any problems. But if you fly Iberia from Tel Aviv to Moscow via Madrid, there is a search in Madrid and they don't let alcohol in, it happened to me, I had to leave a bag. 
But to get an accurate answer, it's worth specifying where you want to buy alcohol and where the transfer will be. Then everything will be clear.

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