Can I go to university without a deferment from the army?

Answer from: Svetlana Karmanova:
I have a degree in psychology. I am interested in the world structure....

Hello, military service can not prevent you from studying at an educational institution, if you have a summons you can take an academic leave and serve, just as if you have a non-conscription disease on the list of diseases of conscripts any health complaints, you can go this way and not serve, and quietly study.

Answer from: Maria:
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Yes, you can apply for admission to higher education during the draft season and, in the event of a free competition, enroll in higher education programs.
However, you have already used your deferment from military service in the armed forces, and at the beginning of the draft campaign you will be drafted into the armed forces. For the period of compulsory military service you will be granted academic leave, i.e.е. You will retain your place and conditions of study.

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