Can students at state universities be sent to political rallies and parades "voluntarily-forced"?

Answer from: Maria:

Of course they can, and I'll tell you moreover, it will be explained to you that this is not a voluntary-forced event, but a demonstration of patriotic feelings with a high level of motivation.
But seriously, they will tell you to go to the rally, you will nod in response, and do what you want, want to go, do not want to go, and if suddenly you do not go and there are questions why you did not go, say that you got food poisoning in the canteen of the university, and forget about it. It is unlikely that the university administration and the dean's office are stupid enough to take punitive measures

Answer from: Svyatoslav Nikitin:
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Some years ago at university we were instructed to go to some kind of May Day rally. Everyone was frightened by sanctions, a summons to the dean, writing an explanatory note and other things. In the end there were three people from our group. To the others no punitive measures were applied, nobody from the dean's office was indignant at the absence of the majority of the group. But those who came got balloons.

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