Can the human mind be considered an infinite number of conditional constructions if and else?

Answer from: Igor Lazarev:
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Of course not, the human mind cannot be considered an infinite number of conditional if and else constructions:
- Firstly, because the human brain is a neural network, not a computer. You can google artificial neural networks.
- Secondly, because a neural network consists of neurons or their analogs, and these are not at all logical elements (or their program analogues - the if and else constructs) which form the processor and other computer components.
- Third, how do you imagine "an infinite number of if and else conditional constructs"? Hardware is fundamentally impossible. Software recursion? So no, recursion only works until the stack overflow.

Answer from: Julenka:
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If we abstract from some technical details, then yes, this may be a good analogy. For example the way a person walks in general can be described by if:else depending on the surface for example.

But actually there will be a lot of questions to this idea after we change the example to something more complicated. If you take dreams or deja vu, it clearly ceases to be like many if:else.

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