Cylinder misfire P0301, P0304 and error P0300. What to do?

Answer from: Leo S.:
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First of all, you should look at the spark plug on the faulty cylinder. Even if there is no sign that it "punctured", it helps to diagnose a faulty coil or power wire.
If everything looks alive and sparking and there are no signs of current flow to the side, you should measure the compression in the suspect "pot", maybe there is not enough compression. Why, you will have to say that the valve or piston is burnt out (or breakage: the rings are stuck). Which of course is sad and much more expensive, but still correctable.

Answer from: Alexandra Shaturova:
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Note error P0261. All others may be a consequence. You probably changed the injectors for nothing, too. Could be a short in the wiring harness. Also a problem with the control controller.

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