Did people pretend to be dead in war so they wouldn't be killed?

Answer from: Olga G.:
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And even more so, they shot themselves in order to be hospitalized after being wounded, or even to quit the armed forces.
Well the state fought such self-shooters and even, if I remember correctly, there was an article in the Criminal Code for self-shooting.

Answer from: Giorgi Natsvlishvili:
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Of course. If, after a major battle, the enemy surveys the area and you are, say, left alive, you are left with nothing but to play dead. In that case you have to lie on the ground in a secluded place, cover yourself with earth (if there is any nearby) or put another person's corpse on top of you and hold your breath. That's the scene in Mel Gibson's movie "For reasons of conscience". Only there the main character had not so much a task to survive himself, as to survive to save the surviving soldiers (the picture tells the story of a military doctor).
P.S. I must have misunderstood the question. I must be referring to those cases where people pretended to be in front of their own superiors. This has already been answered below.

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