Do girls compliment each other sincerely? Or from the lack of competition.?

Answer from: Eugene Z.:
Aequĭtas sequĭtur legem...

I pay a compliment if I am sincerely admired. I am pleased with myself, and the person is even more pleased when they give me a compliment from the heart. Considering that not many people say it, even if they think "Oh, that's a pretty dress" or "that hairstyle looks good on her". It's important. Very important! Compliments, people

Answer from: Konstantin Zubrilin:
I work as a system administrator in a hospital...

Girls like to compliment each other on things like "That dress doesn't make you look fat!", "You're my oldest friend", "♪ It's okay ♪. Your boyfriend's too young for you, as long as you're happy."

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