Do the right thing or be happy? What to do? It concerns love.?

Answer from: Ilya Vyazbuk:
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Can you be happy if you acted out of conscience? If you can, it means you have no conscience. But if you have a conscience and it tells you that one option "is of conscience", and the other "not by conscience", then how can you choose the other one? It certainly won't make you happy, because your conscience will torture you.
Yes, otherwise you may regret that you missed the opportunity, but as Socrates said, it's better to suffer injustice than to cause it. And another opportunity will be found, but another conscience will not.

Answer from: Alexander D.:
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You simply write that two of your own deepest values have come into conflict.
It is up to you to decide.
Just, as an admonition, the principle of Genghis Khan: "If you're afraid, don't do it, if you do it, don't be afraid".
And the principle of Grigory Solomonovich Dvorochkin, my grandfather, also, alas, deceased. "Live with your head. Even if it's wrong, but it's your own".
*...No matter how you feel about it, people are usually quite comfortable with their conscience. We have a lot of mechanisms built in for that. (To your point "for luck")
*...And love is such a thing... Possible more than with the only person in the world, and there's no guarantee that once you decide to do something, you're directly sure to be happy for more than a couple of months. (To your argument "for conscience"))
- There is no right choice... However, this seems to be the third time I've written in new words about the same thing. Well, let's just say.

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