Do you know of any cases where a patient with senestopathies has gone into full remission and forgotten about them for a long time?

Answer from: Ilya Levin:
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Senestopathy (part of a broader group of paresthesias - tingling, pricking, tickling, or burning sensations for no apparent reason) is not an independent disease, but is a symptom whose treatment depends on treating the cause of this symptom. Accordingly, since the cause of the senestopathies is quite often treatable (even if the cause is an anxiety disorder or panic attacks and not, say, atherosclerosis or diabetes), with the right treatment the symptom may disappear for quite a long time or, in fact, for life. Do I know of any such cases? Yes, I know cases of people who have been bothered by paresthesias for quite a long time, associated, as it later turned out, in one case with diabetes and in the other with multiple sclerosis. Both cases went into stable remission as a result of treatment. I don't know if it lasts a lifetime.

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