Gianni. So how do you think you had it? You tested negative? You don't think it's covid?

Answer from: Yura Sitnikov:

The tests are not more than 70-80% accurate. Negative tests come even in people with vivid symptoms. And even those who end up dying. My guess is that those with a mild course are even more likely to get the test wrong. Doctors are now guided by the test + usually the lung CT scan pattern.
Accurate, anti-inflammatory tests are beginning to be introduced today and, so far, mostly for the doctors themselves. + The antimicrobial only starts to work when the disease has already developed.
Judging by the current, which I've never had before, I'm inclined to think it's a coronavirus. We'll know the exact picture when the antiviral tests are released to the masses. And even then, if there's immunity and there are antibodies left in the blood. Especially you who got sick asymptomatically will be surprised.

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