Have you ever been accused of being too smart?

Answer from: Nellie Andreeva:
Shalom! I am Nelly. I am an obstetrician-gynecologist from Saint-Petersburg. Trying to be...

Until I was thirty, it was all the time. Then nobody cared. The thing is, smart people aren't liked. Teachers, teachers, bosses, other students and colleagues. Smart people are annoying. Because they can easily make a career. They can and they understand. ¶ And after 30, it's a different game ¶. It's no longer the smart ones who win. ♪ but rather the cunning ♪. . The crow and the fox - it's not about the fox, it's about the attitude to cheese. That's what money is for? That's why everybody hates the smart ones. Silently, of course. A smart man must be strong. Like a gladiator. Those are the rules of the game
Fools think intelligence is for money. It's really for progress. And it takes money. Otherwise there's no other way. Without money, science and technology are impossible. And so, so that the smart ones don't get eaten up, they have to play by the rules and pretend that money is for the people. To make everyone feel good. So that fools live easy and easy, fun and happy. Yeah, ha ha.

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