Hello friends! What kind of leather is used for dressing knives? And advise a good water stones

Answer from: pollina-kochkina:

Afternoon! There is no specific type of leather for dressing, everyone finds their own suitable option, but many people use the old Soviet leather straps. Only to find them already, of course, a bit difficult.
Japanese coarse-grained water stones have very good reviews.

Answer from: frosh long login:
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Generally, it is dangerous razors that straighten on leather. To straighten knives use such a tool as a mussat. "Straightening" means not cutting chips, so a mussat must be made of steel (as hard as a knife). And if the mussat is diamond or ceramic, it is a sharpening tool and that is another issue !

Answer from: Anna S.:
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For straightening knives, you need to use the strongest, thickest leather you can get. For example, buffalo hide is a good one. In general, any cattle hide will do.

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