Hello ! What do you think of comic book movies? Do you think that this genre contributes to the degradation of cinema?

Answer from: Queen C.:
Cynologist, builder, etc. Not versed in all areas of humanity......

Start at the beginning. What led to the degradation of cinema was first the introduction of sound instead of subtitles, then the introduction of color film, then the spread of telefilms and soap operas, then the development of special effects, then the switch to digital cameras. The unfortunate film industry degenerates and degenerates. Comics and streaming services and online cinemas are the biggest killers of cinema today.
I firmly believe that comics in no way contribute to the deterioration, degradation or reduction of the quality of cinema. Today, cinema is more developed than ever, and the ability to write, shoot and deliver your own movie has never been so accessible.
Yes, not all comics can be called good cinema, but that can be said of any film genre.

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