Hi,i don't run steam,the update pops up and disappears in the task manager too,how do i run it?

Answer from: Mark Shackley:
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Kind! Need to:
1) make sure there are no restrictions on the port for steam in the system brandmauer or antivirus.
2) try to run it from the root of the program.
3) if everything is ok and does not start, reinstall it.
4) if after reinstalling it does not start, there is probably a problem in the registry and services relative to this application - here I am not your helper on steam.

Answer from: Svetlana M.:
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Hello. If you have a hang up at the connection to the account - delete steam client bootstrapper from the autostart, then reboot the computer via startup find steam and run as an administrator. If it does not work, turn off antivirus for 15 minutes. antivirus and turn off your windows brandmauser

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