How alcohol affects compatibility with dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, fats), depending on the degree and strength of the drink?

Answer from: Andrey Smirnov:
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I could be wrong, of course, but I would guess that for the majority of nutritional supplements - NONE. Because the vast majority of nutritional supplements themselves are completely useless. And if so, then alcohol cannot affect this uselessness either.
We can only assume (to philosophize, so to speak) that drinking fats with alcohol, from wine to very strong alcohol, is almost completely useless, because it breaks down these fats. And in general with alcohol everything is digested much worse, and the stronger, the worse. After all, it is poison, and the poison overloads the entire gastrointestinal tract, forcing it to work on removing this poison, but not on digestion of the dietary supplement that was taken with it (consider the extreme case - drink a dietary supplement and another shot of alcohol - guaranteed to knock down - and alcohol and dietary supplement on steam).
In general, if you believe in dietary supplements, then take them without alcohol, if you do not particularly believe - you do not care.
Personally, I only believe in vitamins and not all, but sometimes I drink a little, so I hope for their assimilation at least in part and only because they have a long soluble shell so that the vitamins are released and assimilated gradually.

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