How best to choose a forex advisor? What to pay attention to?

Answer from: GTFOH:

All EAs differ from each other by trading type (trend-following, scalping, breakout, etc.) and by price (there are even free EAs, but they are practically useless).

Choose an Expert Advisor that "specialized" On a trading type that you are familiar with, so that you can evaluate its workability. Many developers offer test periods - for example, a month of free use of the Expert Advisor. This is a very useful experience, be sure to test the robot before buying, if possible.

Pay attention to the reviews. Search for the opinion of experienced traders, they are more reasonable. There are public monitoring services for Expert Advisors now. They are very useful portals where you can evaluate the performance of a robot in real time.

Answer from: Vyrvidub Svyatogryzych:
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Perhaps I will keep you from losing money. But alas, there are not and will not be any money making robots! There is only a desire to do nothing, to make money. We have a huge number of stories of people buying and pouring money. So I repeat - there are no such robots.

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