How do ants know not to keep building an anthill? How do they know when to stop?

Answer from: Yanina:
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probably all related to the total number of ants, accordingly the size will increase as the number increases.
I think that ants begin to build an anthill, as bees - a good place to live. they all start to build it. make a place for their producers of future offspring and serve them. Well, the number of anthills grows in proportion to the amount of food that is available in a radius equal to the distance that an ant can travel in 40-50% of its working day. Like, to get there and back in time to go.
Lots of food - lots of offspring - need more needles for all. Over the years, probably the coefficient of usefulness of the territory in a radius of one ant goes down, and some of the young ants rushes to more fruitful territory, making a new anthill.
But that's just my theory.

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