How do I know what kind of girl I'm destined to meet with?

Answer from: Anastasia P.:
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"destined by fate",  This is a beautiful phrase, but destined is the girl who has a similar story and with whom you feel easy to communicate  . There is also the attraction of genes, for example, brunettes like blondes, etc.п. The same attraction has temperaments. The basic principle - complementarity.

Answer from: Anastasia D.:
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Ask Destiny. If you don't know her, ask through an intermediary - the person from whom you learned about Destiny, which assigns some people to others. 
How does it feel to believe that there is such a mysterious thing, which has already decided everything for you?
Let's just say you have a lot more than one choice of girls you'd be happy with.

Answer from: nikita p.:
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If a girl is destined by fate, it is better not to get mixed up with such a nonsense, but you cannot know destiny at once, you will understand destiny after you have lived with her for some time and if you will see in her someone whom you can confide in, and she will see it in you, here is your fate. And there's marriage, family, ~~ little demons ~~ children,)

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